rev. Dr. bruce r. johnson

In one sense, my adult life is easy to explain: "I went from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A.," Eventually we made it back to Scottsdale, my wife's hometown, where I have been serving Scottsdale Presbyterian Church (and rooting for the Arizona Diamondbacks) since 2000.

The longer version is that I was born in Central California and grew up in Orange County. My family was always involved with the church, prayer and Jesus. Faith came naturally to me; it never seemed weird. Even so, when I was 14, a sport injury caused me to think about my own relationship to Christ in a deeper way. I gave my heart to Christ at that moment. Although I have thought twice about a number of choices I have made, I have never regretted that decision to follow Christ. Now I work at helping other people discover Him, grow deeper in their faith, and share Christ's love and hope with others.

My wife Laurie and I met at Westmont College in Santa Barbara where I studied religion, archaeology and ancient languages. My other formal training included 14 months living in Jerusalem, a season of field work at the Ketef Hinnom dig and two seminary degrees - one each from Princeton and Fuller. My doctoral degree is in non-profit management though my academic writing (a more recent hobby) focuses on C.S. Lewis. After raising two amazing daughters, we are enjoying being empty nesters.