Our congregation's core values

Christ - Jesus Christ alone is Lord of all and the way of salvation

Scripture - Scripture is the Triune God's revealed Word, the church's only infallible rule of faith and life.

Virtue - God's people are called to holiness in all aspects of life. God's standards for holiness do not change to accommodate contemporary culture.

Grace - Because of what Christ has already done for us on the cross, God is always able to forgive us and welcome us back as we turn from wrong and turn to Him.

Courtesy - Healthy communication is direct, uplifting and two-way.

Growth - God calls the church to grow spiritually and numerically.

Love - We love one another, we love our city, and we love Jesus Christ most of all.

Our Denomination's core beliefs:

ECO is committed to a clearly-articulated, Christ-centered theology that propels our ministry and mission. Here is an example. . .

The great purpose toward which each human  life is drawn is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Each member of the church glorifies God by recognizing and naming His glory, which is the manifestation and revelation of His own nature. Each member of the church enjoys God by being so united with Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit as to become a participant in that divine nature, transformed from one degree of glory to another and escorted by Christ into the loving communion of the Trinity. So we confess our faith not as a matter of dispassionate intellectual assent, but rather as an act by which we give God glory and announce our membership in the body of Christ. We trust that when God's glory is so lifted up when his nature is thus made manifest in the life of the body, the church will be a light that draws people from every tribe and tongue and nation to be reconciled to God.

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